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ABC press release for "Philly Heat"

Airing 10 p.m. July 1, 1995

Peter Boyle stars in "Philly Heat," a gritty drama about the lives, loves and loyalties of a group of Philadelphia fire fighters and the adrenaline-pumping dangers they face in the fast-moving world of a busy inner-city fire station.

Stanislas Kelly (Peter Boyle), a Vietnam veteran and fire marshal, suddenly has to step into the job of battalion commander of Philadelphia's busiest station after their popular chief is severely burned in a suspicious blaze. Kelly finds he has inherited a heterogeneous mix of fire fighters, among them:

  • DeWitt Wardlaw (Ving Rhames), a highly educated African-American who is out of his element but needs the job to support his family.

  • Kevin Gaffney (Tate Donovan), devoted and steadfast, Irish to the core.

  • Laura Walker (Mary Mara), the only one who is still mourning the death of her fire-fighter husband.

  • and John Kennedy Falletta (Adam Trese), young, seemingly irresistible to women, and prone to committing foolhardy acts of bravery.

Kelly's new position is a hard-hitting job that takes its toll on personal lives. Almost immediately, hostility flares between Kelly and Falletta. Put on suspension for disobeying orders, Falletta sinks into drinking and trouble. Gaffney wants to help save Falletta from himself, but he doesn't know how. Laura Walker is torn between staying with her infant daughter and returning to what she does best -- fighting fires. Like everyone else at the station, Kelly himself is holding down two jobs, one as chief and the other as a marshal investigating the cause of the blazes. But he seems to have no private life -- and a deep desire not to remember the past.

Starring are Peter Boyle as Stanislas Kelly, Tate Donovan as Kevin Gaffney, Mary Mara as Laura Walker, Ving Rhames as DeWitt Wardlaw and Adam Trese as John Kennedy Falletta.

Guest starring are Julianna Margulies as Anabella Larigo, Mia Korf as Fukiko Masucuchi, Marcia Jean Kurtz as Mrs. Jauch, Oni Faida Lampley as Alyson Wardlaw, Lee Tergesen as Ivan Loki, Zach Grenier as Stephen Willdern, Sean Whitesell as Padriac McDonnell and Pat McNamara as Gill O'Malley.

John Coles directed "Philly Heat," which was written by Tom Fontana. The executive producers are Charles A. Bangert, Louis Gorfain and Tom Fontana. Jim Finnerty served as supervising producer. The one-hour drama is from Reeves Entertainment/Thames Television International.

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