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Vengeance is the Lord's

Nov. 12-Dec. 12, 2010

Lee plays Woodrow Horvath in this world premiere of a "hard-hitting and powerful drama about bringing work home, when the family business is crime."

The play is scheduled to run Nov. 12-Dec. 12, 2010, at the Boston University Theatre, 264 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.

The Boston Globe's review on Nov. 23, 2010, praises the play as "a taut, morally complex, and utterly absorbing drama."

The reviewer also applauds Lee's performance: "Tergesen ... is compulsively watchable as Woodrow, suggesting a human volcano unable to remain dormant for long."

Here is the plot description offered by the Huntington Theatre Company site:

A mother's call for mercy clashes with a father's need for retribution when their daughter's murderer comes up for parole. Sharp jokes, tough love, and foul-mouthed conversations drive this searing and darkly funny new drama, which unfolds at holiday dinners from Thanksgiving to Easter. A modern American family asks a classic moral question: What can we do when "justice" is not enough?

Woodrow Horvath is the eldest son in the Horvath family. Larry Pine will play family patriarch Matthew Horvath opposite Roberta Wallach as his ex-wife, Margaret. Karl Baker Olson plays the youngest son, Donald.

The play is written by Bob Glaudini and directed by Peter DuBois.

In behind the scene interviews, Lee and his cast mates describe the complexity of the characters and the play.

"I can't describe the feelings I had when I read the script," Lee said, later noting the value of having playwright Bob Glaudini on hand during rehearsals. "Rehearsals take on a flow and a rhythm.... And to have him there as a voice of, 'Yeah that is what I was going for or that's not what I was gong for,' that is unbelievably valuable."

Lee also provides these insights for the audience:

"The audience is going to end up feeling like another member of the family. I think that they're going to be repulsed by some of the things they see and they're seduced by some of the things they see. And I think they are going to understand this family at the end of it in some way."

In her account of the play, No. 1 fan Anne reported that:

Lee does a great job in his role as family breadwinner and protector. He has some great scenes where he argues with Donny, which later turns into a physical fight. The way Lee plays him, Woody is smart, cunning, loyal to the family, but practical and cold when itís necessary.

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