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Episode 1.7 - Sept. 11, 2005

The episode opens with Eddie, Connie, Carla and Jimmy sitting around a table outside a taco joint.

Eddie is quizzing the others, "Would you or would you not bone dance with an ex-lover?"

He can't get an answer out of Carla, so he shifts his attention. "Connie! Rolling with Lucinda ... hot, desperate or just plain stupid?"

Connie hesitates and is sunk. 

Eddie: "No. Way!"

Connie: "You think I'm discussing it with you?"

Jimmy then gets all righteous. "Would you fornicators please shut up."

Thankfully, they spot the bad guy they're waiting for. The guy points a gun at the cashier in the restaurant. Connie tells him to drop it, the bad guy shoots at Connie, misses, and the chase is on. Amid a hail of gunfire, the guy gets in his El Camino and starts to drive off. But he's cornered in a dead-end street. Jimmy has him in his sights, tells him to give it up. The guy shoots himself instead. For some reason, this annoys the DA, who berates Connie. "Another day another body bag," she laments.

The dead guy was No. 84. The DA asks Connie why he's dead.

Eddie interjects. "He killed himself." 

DA Belichek: "Did I even look at you?"

Eddie, "No but I thought you were close to a glance."

Belichek, to Connie, "Your pets need training."

Then she praises him, giving him some kind of reverse psychology that maybe it'll work better than yelling at him.

A few minutes later Connie berates Eddie: "Don't you ever speak up like that and undermine my authority with Belichek. And two, don't ever, ever bring up Lucinda again."

Eddie: "What's up your ass?"

Connie: "Just answer my question."

Eddie answers, but doesn't point out that there was no actual question. 

Later, back at base, the task force is looking over No. 86 on the list: Alvarez Kelly, half Mexican Half Irish, member of the Mexican Mob. 

He was convicted on multiple counts of murder, sentenced to life, no parole. But he killed a white brotherhood member to escape and now he's been missing for two days. Meanwhile, gang violence escalates.

Eddie and Jimmy figure that the Brotherhood will try to collect the debt on their own. Jimmy wonders why they don't just let it play out that way. Connie proclaims, "There's a killer loose and we are the only arbiters of right and wrong on the street."

So, off they go. First stop, Alvarez Kelly's grandmother, who is raising Kelly's son. 

Connie and Carla go to visit her. It's... Rita Moreno! AKA Sister Pete from Oz.

Connie starts questioning: "Your son..."

"Is a son of a bitch," Grandma says. "I did my best. School. Church. Curfew. ... Sometimes people are just born bad... with the devil inside."

Connie tells her, "We're not looking for him to kill him."

But she says, "You should be."

Meanwhile, Eddie's chasing a guy down sidewalk and street. Tackles the guy. Some dirt woman hollers at Eddie to leave the guy alone, even after he identifies himself as a U.S. Marshal. Even te perp tells her it's OK, but she keeps squealing about police brutality. 

Eddie pulls his gun and tells her "Double your dose and get back in the house." That worked.

Eddie frisks the guy, finds drugs. That's bad news because he's on parole. But it's just leverage. All Eddie wants is to know is about the riot in central jail. The perp is a member of the White Brotherhood, so he has the inside scoop. The guy lets it slip, "Once Kelly's dead, it'll all go away," which begins a funny exchange.

Eddie: "Alvarez Kelly?"

Perp: "I didn't say that. I didn't mean no Alvarez Kelly."

Eddie: "Then what'd you mean? Gene Kelly?"

Perp: "Yeah, him!"

Eddie smacks him.

Eddie finally finds out who's going to do the killing. It's Gerard Gibbon, a "stone cold assassin" now working for Brotherhood.

In pursuit of Gibbon (are you following all this?) Jimmy and Eddie break into his aparemtent. They enter room with all kinds of Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler.

Eddie: "God!"

Jimmy: "Guess again. ... I wonder what he's into."

Eddie: (Picks up a picture of a shirtless man with a tattoo.) "Well, you know, switch hitters do double their chances of getting laid on any given night."

Meanwhile Gibbon is pulling up outside. Eddie calls base, asks if they should just jump the guy. Rodney says to just put a box tracker on the car.

"Rodney's a righteous geek," says Eddie.

Back at base, Connie plots strategy: Track Gibbon, who'll lead them to Kelly, then they can make two busts. The team has its doubts, but Connie makes it clear who's the boss.

They trail Gibbon to another house. They chase, fight and arrest more dirtbags, not Gibbon.

They trail the bad guy some more. But Belichek calls and orders them back to base.

Connie, Eddie, Jimmy face Belichek back at base. She's pissy about one of the dirtbags injured in the stakeout the previous day. He was a minor; why didn't they help him? They claim they didn't know of the problem, show solidarity.

She suspends Connie. Eddie and Jimmy basically say if he goes, they go. She backs down, drives off.

The other funny Eddie moment of the show ensues:

Eddie: "I'm feeling a little emotional. Should we hug?" 

Uh, no.

Back on the case, the team tails Gibbon to a playground where he nabs Alvarez Kelly's son. He gets away.

They all wind up at some remote shack in an oil field? Gibbon's there with the kid. Kelly arrives. So does the team.

They grab Kelly, Connie offers him up to Gibbon for the kid.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Eddie climb in the back way.

Connie gets the kid. Gibbon kills Kelly. Jimmy and Eddie kill Gibbon. There's lots of bullets and smoke. 

There's a grandmother and son reunion, but Eddie doesn't get a scene with Rita Moreno. Rip-off!

There's a touching, tagged on final scene. Carla and Eddie are sitting on dock back at base. It's night; they're drinking. 

Eddie raises his bottle in a toast: "To Conrad Rose. Toughest guy I know."

Carla: "To the lieutenant"

Eddie: "I'm talking about him as a father. ... Conrad is the best father I've ever seen."

Carla's confused: "What are we talking about here?"

Eddie drops his bombshell: "I have a daughter. Her name's Irene. I haven't seen her in three years. She's in third grade. I deny she even exists."


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