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Lips are Lips
Episode 1.10 - Dec. 5, 2005

This episode was the second of two episodes airing Dec. 5 that marked the "winter season" premiere of "Wanted." 

The show opens with Conrad, Carla and Jimmy taking a police dispatch call while they're out for some reason in the middle of the night. The call leads them to a grisly scene -- a bloody body strapped to a ceiling fan in some kind of warehouse space.

While the crime scene is being investigated, Eddie arrives. 

Conrad: "Sorry to drag your ass out of bed."
Eddie, a little glazed-looking: "I-i-i... have not been to bed."
Carla, scoffing: "Oh, we don't need to know."
Eddie, snarking: "Just keep telling yourself that."

Then, Claire Howell from "Oz" arrives. Actually, it's Kristin Rohde playing the tough-as-Howell medical examiner, Ruth Something-oransky. She examines the body, reciting the litany of injuries. The victim has been stabbed about a hundred times ... both hands are broken. Eddie astutely observes, "So, it's not a suicide." Not surprisingly, this comment draws exasperated looks from the team.

Back at base, the team learns that the crime likely was done by a sicko named Gordon Bianco. He was wanted in the top 100, and this crime has moved him up to the top 10. His modus operandi: assaulting and raping gay men with foreign objects, then killing them in gruesome ways.

In a twist, we learn from M.E. Ruth that the victim was a sheriff's deputy, prompting Conrad and Jimmy to visit another gay cop, Deputy Reed (Michael Cudlitz). Reed helps the team stake out a club where the victim might have encountered Bianco.

During the stakeout, Eddie and Conrad wait and watch outside in a car. Eddie surveys the scene, notices one major fashion faux pas, and comments, "Before he left the house tonight, he looked in the mirror and thought to himself, 'Yeah, in these blue leather pants, I'm smokin' hot.' Unbelievable."

Conrad, amused: "You get itchy around alternative lifestyles?

Eddie, in a classic line: "I am an alternative lifestyle. And hey, lips are lips."

Later, back at the base, Eddie scolds Jimmy for a disparaging remark about "the freak" in "a dress." Jimmy grumbles that Eddie wouldn't understand. But Eddie disagrees, "My brother's gay. And he's a hell of a lot happier than than you or I will ever be."

Eddie: "With all the shit we put up with every day, this is what keeps you up at night? You gotta shuffle your deck, man."

Jimmy: "My beliefs don't get in the way of my job."

What? At least a couple of episodes have shown otherwise. Eddie has noticed too: "You keep telling yourself that lie and you'll start to believe it."

The next Eddie scenes of any significance have him staking out a waiting room at the hospital where Bianco is headed to visit -- and kill -- his abusive father. There's a cute moment when Eddie checks out the nice form of young woman who passes by. Connie catches him on the closed-circuit monitor and chides him that he'll miss the perp if he keeps checking out ass. Eddie gives him a quick one-finger salute. Cute, but the scene also works to re-establish his hetero credentials.

Or not. Later, Deputy Reed drops by the team's base, "Eddie here?"

Jimmy tells him, "3 a.m.? Try the Chowder Barge. He's probably into his second bottle of tequila by now."

The proceed to discuss whether being gay and being religious are mutually exclusive. Jimmy finally gives an explanation of why he became so devout, involving booze, sex and a three-day blackout. Now if they could only make him more consistent. The Jimmy in this episode (and others) sure doesn't seem to be the same Jimmy that is written in the next episode, "La Pistola y El Corazon," for example.

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