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La Pistola y El Corazon
Episode 1.11 - Dec. 12, 2005

This episode looks like it should have fallen in sequence after the "Badlands" episode. On big tip-off in particular: Eddie Drake rolls into headquarters on the motorbike from "Badlands," and Conrad chides him about returning the bike to impound. This episode also would have been a good follow-up to "Badlands" in that it maintains the quality of that episode. 

First and foremost, Lee gives an absolutely beautiful performance. The writing gives him some emotional range and introspection, and he pulls it off masterfully. 

This episode also seemed to blend the rest of the characters together into a true ensemble, with the opportunity for each one to seem like they have a moment to shine or reveal a part of their character. Eddie and Jimmy had some of the best interaction, and revealed a greater depth in their connection than just the grouchy comments they exchange in most of the episodes. 

The familial scenes -- Conrad's and Eddie's -- seemed more naturally placed and spaced than in other shows, too. In all, the character-driven side of the show finally succeeds in balancing out the over-the-top violence of "Wanted" without feeling forced.

Claire Howell (Kristin Rohde) makes another appearance, including snarking at Eddie Drake about being able to "hit JV pitching," (meaning she could handle the snarky comment he lobbed at her).

TNT promo: Several execution-style murders send the team looking for a Guatemalan connection. As the body count rises, the agents discover a terrible event in the past that gave birth to cold revenge. Meanwhile, Conrad and Drake struggle with the responsibility of fatherhood.

More to come.


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