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The Last Temptation
Episode 1.12 - Dec. 19, 2005

Lee-as-Eddie Drake shines in this episode, which was written by Bradford Winters (an "Oz" writer and brother Dean and Scott William Winters).

Lauren Velez, who played Dr. Gloria Nathan on "Oz," opens the show. Her character is Faye Templeton, a worker in the city's Children's Services department. She's at a bar after work, and a seemingly nice guy flirts with her. He says he's seen her at City Hall, where he works too. 

But later, when she's at home, he attacks and threatens her. He demands that she look up addresses for his children, who are in protective custody. When Faye gets the information for him, he thanks her by strapping explosives on her. He sets the timer for 12 hours, calls the bomb squad, and flees.

Back at base, Eddie's doing his own computer search for the whereabouts of a child. He sneaks onto Rodney's computer, types in the name Irene Cooper. But Rodney's rigged his machine against hackers and interlopers and it shrieks BUSTED!! at him.

Rodney arrives and scolds Eddie, then asks, "Who's Irene Cooper? ... Lemme guess, some porn start who didn't return your letter?"

When Eddie responds, "My daughter," Rodney is incredulous. Eddie explains that Irene's mother moved again and he was just trying to get their address. "I haven't spoken to my daughter in three years," Eddie laments.

Just then, Rodney notes that "No. 92 just poked his head up." It's a guy named Pretatorio, a special ops demolition expert in the Gulf War who now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is determined to blow up his family. He already killed his wife. The kids are next.

Needing the distraction and being the only one at base, Eddie takes the case. He arrives at Faye Templeton's house with an hour left to go on her timer. The bomb squad is trying to defuse the bomb but Pretatorio has outfoxed them.

As the bomb squad scrambles to defuse the bomb, Eddie sits down on floor in front of Faye and tries to keep her calm.

It's a sad, sweet scene as the timer -- and Faye's life -- ticks away.

With five minutes to go, Faye is getting understandably agitated. She tells Eddie he can go if he wants to.

"I'm sticking with you," Eddie says, even as the bomb squad leaves. They can't stop the bomb; Pretatorio has rigged it in too complicated a way.

Eddie grips Faye's hands. He notices her crucifix necklace.

Eddie: "Are you Catholic?"
Faye: "I was. I'm divorced. They don't believe in me anymore."
Eddie: "Do you believe?"
Faye: "Yes."
Eddie: "Then that's all that matters. It matters to God.
Faye: "Do you believe?"
Eddie: "Honestly? Not all the time, no."
Faye nods, then says sadly, "I wish I could have met you before."
"Me too," Eddie replies.
Faye: "You should go."

He gives her a sweet smile, then the scene cuts to him outside and the sound of an explosion.

Later, on a stakeout with Connie, Eddie has Faye's cross. Connie asks him what they talked about, but Eddie said that it was private.

Instead, he tells about a dog he had as a kid. It chewed on lamp cords, peed on his bed, among other charming habits. Connie comments, "Your low self-esteem manifested itself in wanting an abusive dog?"

But there's a moral to Eddie's story. "I loved that dog. ... She ran away one day, and I spent a month trying to find her. ... This dog... an animal... I went after her like a fugitive." A long pause. "Why did I let Irene go?"

Connie asks, "Who's Irene?"

Eddie: "Exactly."

Later, after Pretatorio tries to blow up the house where his kids are staying, the team tracks him down to an abandoned textile factory. Pretatorio is armed and booby trapped. Eddie is teamed with Jimmy and they wind up on the floor above where Pretatorio is hiding. He sets up a bomb and drops Jimmy and Eddie to floor below. Eddie's knocked out cold. Pretatorio files on Jimmy, who ducks for cover. He retreats, leaving Eddie behind. 

In the next scene, Eddie wakes up with bomb strapped to him. Pretatorio taunts him.

Eddie says, "So why don't you just blow me." As in, blow me up.

Pretatorio slaps him around, asks, "You have children?"

Eddie: "A daughter."
Pretatorio: "What do you tell her when she watches the news..."
Eddie, pauses: "I haven't had a chance."
Pretatorio: "You're a coward."
Eddie: "Yeah I am."

Meanwhile, the team rigs it so kids' voices are heard. Eddie tells him that his kids weren't at the house and that they're alive. "You have a second chance." Pretatorio wanders off, but he has remote control button to blow up Eddie. Jimmy shoots Pretatorio, and he drops the remote, leaving Eddie with two minutes to get free somehow. He prays, yells for Irene.

Jimmy shows up and tries to help, but Eddie shoos him away. Only 30 seconds. Alone, Eddie tests moving chair. Nothing happens. So he grabs a knife he has in his boot.

Next thing you hear is an explosion. The team rushes in. Eddie's OK. Turns out there was no motion sensor on this bomb, so Eddie cut it off and threw it as far as he could.

Outside, Jimmy and Eddie have a male bonding moment. Jimmy apologizes for ditching Eddie after they'd fallen through the ceiling. "I feel like shit." Eddie decks him. "Feel better?"

Jimmy: "Yeah."

They smile.

At the end of the show, Eddie goes to visit Irene. She answers the door, looks up at him. Then she chirps, "Hi Daddy!" And they hug.


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