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Episode 1.13 - Dec. 26, 2005

In this episode, the season and series finale, the bad guy is a homicidal Rasta, I think. I wasn't really paying attention to the crime part. It involves massive amounts of drugs and gunfire.

Scott William Winters (Cyril O'Reily with short hair) makes the former Ozzie highlight reel as Frank Zane, a narcotics cop with a murky record bent on avenging the death of his sister.

Eddie has an extremely hot make-out scene with Traci Lords in the bathroom of the Chowder Barge. (Video evidence here.) Connie interrupts. He's there to meet a date. The date turns out to be the cute bartender from an earlier episode. Her name? Dana Fontana. [Nod to everyone's favorite mentor, Tom.]

Eddie's best line, while advising Connie not to ramble on about his failed marriage: "A burnt-out vibrator is more fun."

Meanwhile, the Fugitive Task Force is being investigated for its tactics and excessive use of force (shocking, I know). Three lawsuits have been launched against Connie and/or the task force. And there's a member of the team who is willing to testify.

Jimmy is the first to be questioned in the investigation. He's questioned by a psychologist about his "rage issues." One of the people who provided evidence is Jimmy's dad, who reported that Jimmy slugged him a few episodes ago. Jimmy goes to visit dear old dad, who's now sober but dying of cancer. He only has a few months to live. Jimmy says good and stalks away. Later, however, Jimmy softens and returns to help his dad at the place (restaurant? bar?) where he works.

Jimmy also has a nice scene with Connie in which he laments that there doesn't seem to be any in-between for him. He's either praying or raging. And he doesn't know what to do about it.

There's also some cute scenes with Rodney, talking about getting laid, why he grew his hair like he did and just being razzed by his colleagues.

Of course, there's a lot of crime action, which results in a witness/perp being badly wounded. Connie won't let the medics tend to him till he gets the information out of him that he wants. This, of course, adds to the list of complaints against Connie and his tactics.

Which all leads us to learning who the "Judas" is. No clever twists here. It's.... Tommy! We see him on the rooftop, calling someone and telling them he can provide tons of evidence. Connie catches him and they fight. Connie hollers about how he puts himself on the line every day for the job, blah blah blah. He says everyone on the team would "take a bullet" for Tommy and here he is ratting them out. But Tommy makes a good argument, frankly. Connie puts everyone at risk with his decision-making. And ultimately, Tommy says he's not testifying against the team, just Connie.

End of show.

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