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Weird Science

3.7 Funhouse of Death

Lee takes a brilliant comic turn in this episode as Brad the Evil Clown. 

Gary and Wyatt fight over who gets to date Valerie, the cute girl who hosts the funhouse at the local carnival. Lisa decides to set up a contest so one of them could win her. Unfortunately, Lisa doesn’t monitor the contest and things go awry once they meet Brad.

In full evil clown regalia, Lee rolls through an array of voices, impersonations and put-downs. When Wyatt asks who he is. Brad adopts a Valley Guy voice and says, “Oh, sorry, I’m Brad. How’re you guys? Nice to meet you. I know you two from somewhere. Was it Zuma’s? Never mind, we’ll figure it out later.”

Brad tests them by putting them both over a vat of acid and seeing if they will help each other escape. Gary cheats, gets free and wins the girl. 

Wyatt is left behind to face Brad, who soon comes after him with meat cleaver. Wily Wyatt realizes that Lisa would not create a scenario in which he gets hurt, so he guesses that the hatchet is rubber. Brad bends the blade and reveals this is true. Then, he whips out a chainsaw. It's real, revealing that Brad is truly insane. 

Wyatt flees and is chased by the psychotic clown. Gary comes to the rescue, spraying the clown with seltzer water. "It burns!" Brad exclaims in a very Wicked Witch of the West kind of way. 

Finally, the boys once again argue about who gets the girl. Tired of their antics, Valerie notes that she’s old enough to pick the man she wants. She chooses Brad. 

“You can’t pick a bad clown!” Wyatt complains. Valerie says she chose him because “he makes me laugh.” It's a rare "Weird Science" episode where Lee's character gets the girl!

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Brad the Evil Clown
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